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Škoda will offer shared electric cars and scooters in Prague

Czech carmaker Škoda Auto plans to offer electric car sharing to promote e-mobility

Czech carmaker Škoda Auto plans to offer electric car sharing under the WeShare brand in Prague next year, using its first electric model, the Škoda Citigo iV. The project is in cooperation with parent company Volkswagen.

Škoda CEO Bernhard Maier made the announcement before the opening of the Frankfurt Motor Show. Škoda also recently announced an electric scooter sharing project for Prague called BeRide.

The WeShare service has been available in Berlin since June 2018, using the electric model of Volkswagen’s Golf. The user must have a smartphone and credit card, be at least 21 years old, have a driver’s license for at least a year, and be registered at a German address.

“WeShare is an electric car-sharing service, thus offering emission-free and sustainable urban mobility. By doing so, WeShare is helping to make cities cleaner and quieter as well as to create more living space for everyone,” Škoda said in a press release.

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The electric vehicles are recharged at public charging stations. Initially, recharging will be handled by WeShare, but over time that responsibility will shift to customers.

The electric Citigo and hybrid Superb are the main new models presented by Škoda at the Auto Show. They are the first mass-produced electric cars in Škoda’s124-year history.

In mid-May, Škoda presented its new iV e-mobility sub-brand in Bratislava, and introduced the all-electric Citigo iV and the Superb iV plug-in hybrid. The manufacturer says they offer quick charging, long ranges and affordable prices.

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The Citigo iV is made in Bratislava, and is powered by a 61 kW electric motor. Its range is up to 260 kilometers, and it does not generate any emissions.

From early 2020, the flagship Superb will be available as a plug-in hybrid featuring both an efficient gasoline engine and an electric motor.

“Škoda has thus officially entered the era of electromobility, setting the course for a successful future,” the carmaker said in a press release.

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Electric components have been produced for Volkswagen Group in Mladá Boleslav since September 2019. The brand is also supporting the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The company plans to have set up 7,000 charging points in and around its plants by 2025, investing 32 million euros to make this happen. Over 13,000 employees have already been trained in electric vehicle production.

Through the production of electricity and natural gas cars, Škoda wants to achieve the target of reducing vehicle fleet emissions by 30 percent by January 2025 compared to 2015. In the same year, a quarter of the cars produced are to be electric.

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