Naplavka farmers' market in Prague, with people wearing face masks and observing social distancing rules. (iStock / Madeleine_Steinbach)

Social distancing rules for public events in the Czech Republic further relaxed

The Czech government continues to loosen restrictions for those visiting public spaces

Prague, June 1 (CTK) – Following a cabinet meeting Monday the Czech government has announced that it will further relax the measures it imposed over the coronavirus epidemic in early March.

Health Minister Adam Vojtech (ANO) told journalists that public events for a maximum of 500 persons may be held and theatres, cinemas, and concert halls may cancel social distancing rules in their auditoriums as of June 8.

The government has also decided that as of the same date, the number of visitors to zoos, botanical gardens, and arboretums will be increased to 250 per hectare, raising the current limit of 150. (The Prague Zoo reached its capacity at the opening of its Darwin’s Crater exhibit on Saturday.)

On June 8, the spacing limitations for restaurant outdoor seating and the requirement to wear face masks in the area around public swimming pools will be lifted, as well.

The government wants to entirely lift the limit on similar places as of June 15.

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Social distancing rules will remain in “relaxation” areas and children’s corners in shopping malls.

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The first big phase of relaxation of lockdown rules started on May 11, when restaurant outdoor seating, shopping malls and hairdressers reopened.

Public events such as theatre and cinema performances, visits to museums, weddings, sports training, and religious masses were permitted from this date, provided they were only attended by fewer than 100 people.

Another stage, launched a week ago, allowed lower grade level pupils to return to schools and the mandatory wearing of face masks was somewhat relaxed.

As of May 25, mass events both outdoors and indoors were give the go ahead, provided there are fewer than 300 persons and strict sanitary and security rules are observed.

Castles and chateaux, zoos and botanical gardens as well and 14 caves and swimming pools also reopened on this date.

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