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Some Czech embassies will partially resume visa applications following coronavirus pandemic

Starting August 1, another three dozen embassies will be re-opened, including embassies in Moscow, Cairo and Manilla

Some Czech embassies abroad will start accepting visa applications once again on August 1, following a closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček.

However, not all Czech embassies will resume operations full-time. Seventy four embassies and consulates-general out of 80 that issues visas will now operate on a partial or full-time basis.

Following the worst of the pandemic, 16 Czech embassies in countries with a low risk of infection started accepting visa applications once again. Those embassies were located in countries like South Korea, Japan and Australia.

Another 28 embassies are now operating in restricted mode and 16 are accepting applications in full. Embassies operating in restricted mode include embassies in Shanghai, Ankara or Kiev.

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Starting August 1, another three dozen embassies will be re-opened, including embassies in Moscow, Cairo and Manilla.

“As of August 1, 2020, due to the bad epidemiological situation, only embassies in Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Nur-Sultan and Delhi will remain closed,” Minister Petříček said in a statement.

At the embassies operating in restricted mode, embassy employees will only be accepting visas to the extent specified by the Protective Measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. This includes, for example, visas for family reunification, student visas, visas for family members of Czech citizens and visas for Targeted Economic Migration Programs.

The main reason some embassies remain fully open and some remain in restricted mode is hygiene compliance measures in the local country.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs evaluates all the risks when it comes to partial reopening at the start of each month and in the middle of each month, or every 14 days.

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