Spring has come to Prague this week, with temperatures up to 18° C

It’s official: the sun is out in Prague, and warmer temperatures have arrived in the Czech capital from TODAY

We had a little taste of spring last week in Prague, when temperatures reached the low teens over the weekend before dipping back to winter below-freezing lows later in the week.

But spring weather is headed back to the Czech capital – and throughout Bohemia – with temperatures of up to 18° C in the forecast this week, according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

The warmer weather has come to Prague today, with highs of up to 15° C for Monday afternoon.

Clear skies and increasingly warmer temperatures are forecast throughout the Czech Republic for the rest of the week, culminating with a weekly high of 18° C on Thursday.

The first day of astronomical spring, which occurs on the spring equinox, will occur between March 19 and 21 this year. However, the first day of meteorological spring – measured according to climate conditions and the annual temperature cycle – is on March 1.

Since this Friday is March 1, that means we can say that spring is officially here this week (according to one definition, at least), with warmer weather in Prague to match.

A cold front is also in the forecast beginning on Friday in the Czech Republic, with cooler daily temperatures reaching around 10° C predicted through the weekend along with possible rain.

Want to make sure spring is really here in Prague? Check out these 12 signs that spring has finally come to the Czech capital.

You can also head out to Prague’s popular farmers’ markets, which have started to crop up around the city earlier this month.

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