Stare at a Stranger in Prague

In the Czech capital tomorrow, you can take part in the "World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment"

If you happen to come across some intense stares in Old Town Square tomorrow, don’t be alarmed.

In more than 140 cities around the world tomorrow, an estimated 115,000 people will be sharing minute-long sessions of eye contact with complete strangers in what’s being called The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment.

The experiment, coordinated by the organization The Liberators International, is intended to demonstrate that “beyond our differences there is love and humanity.”

“Our global society has become thirsty for true connection,” the Experiment’s website states, “and this experience allows you to be the change you wish to see in the world by creating an authentic, loving and respectful platform for human connection to flourish in public.”

Want to stare down a stranger in the Czech Republic?

The Prague experiment will take place in Old Town Square tomorrow, October 17, from 15:00.

Look out for signs stating “Where has human connection gone? Take one minute to find out… ” in Czech and English, accompanied by some intense bouts of silent eye-contact.

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More information about the Prague staredown can be found at this Facebook Event page.

Further details about the project can be found at the official website.

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