Stonehenge Replica Spotted Near Velká Amerika

A copy of the British monument was built for the US-UK co-production “Britannia” currently filming outside of Prague

The Velká Amerika (Great America) limestone quarry near Beroun may be named for the American Grand Canyon but at the moment it’s more aligned with British side of things.

Production company Film United, in association with Barrandov Studio, is currently shooting “Britannia” a ten-part historical series set in “a mysterious land ruled by wild warrior women and powerful druids who can channel the powerful forces of the underworld.” 

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The show will depict the 43 AD Roman invasion of the Celts in Britain.

Photo: Wikipedia / Aproposnix
Photo: Wikipedia / Aproposnix

A replica of the monumental Stonehenge complex was recently photographed by  in the Czech village of Mořina, just a few kilometers away from the quarry.

Other Czech natural landmarks standing in for ancient English terrain include Prachovské skaly and Hrubá Skála in Czech Paradise.  Filming will also take place in Wales.

The series, written by Jez Butterworth, stars David Morrissey of “The Walking Dead” fame and Kelly Reilly, recently seen in season 2 of “True Detective” opposite Vince Vaughn. Local actor Peter Hosking has also been cast in the production.

According to Variety, Amazon Prime Video in the US and Sky TV in the UK will air the show in late 2017.

The peaks and crags of Great America have quite the history in film and can be seen in the 1964 Czech Western Lemonade Joe and the 2008 American thriller Babylon A.D. with Vin Diesel.

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