Stormy Weather in Store for the Czech Republic this Summer

Meteorologists predict that a series of extreme thunderstorms will rattle regions throughout Central Europe

Summer in Prague means open-air music festivals, frolics along the waterfront, hikes in the nature, and a lot of drinking outside—but could a spell of incoming bad weather dampen all of our seasonal plans?

Released this week, the AccuWeather Summer 2017 Forecast predicts that the Czech Republic is in for some stormy weather this summer.

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Meteorologists say that “rounds of thunderstorms will target countries from France to Poland and the Czech Republic” as “dangerous heat waves build over Italy and the Balkans.”

While a long steamy summer is predicted for southern Europe, extreme heat will be infrequent in the Czech Republic as rain and thunderstorms develop.


The greatest risk for damaging thunderstorms will stretch from southern Germany into western Czech Republic and western Poland. Storms should hit in Munich and Berlin, Prague and Wroclaw.

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An anticipated lull in precipitation during the second half of the summer could yield a short but intense heatwave across Western and Central Europe.

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But don’t start cancelling those summer plans anytime soon: the Climate Forecast System reflects a different set of predictions for June through August 2017, while the Czech Hydrometerological Institute shows rain in the early weeks of June.

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