Summer Cinema Returns to Střelecký ostrov

Summer Cinema Returns to Střelecký ostrov

Letní kino Střelecký ostrov, the grandfather of all of Prague’s summer cinemas, closed its proverbial doors back in 2008 during plans for the island’s renovation; flooding in 2013 put the island’s future in doubt.

Since then, however, more than a dozen new summer cinemas have popped up around Prague (and hundreds throughout the rest of the country). You can read our roundup of Summer Cinemas in Prague from 2014 here.

Last year, the newly re-developed Střelecký ostrov was re-opened to the public alongside a small cultural program… and a stricter set of rules for what’s allowed on the island. Signs helpfully informed visitors that heroin was prohibited… alongside alcohol, and dogs.

Now, however, summer cinema has triumphantly returned to Střelecký ostrov; the once-famed moniker Střelák has been re-dubbed to Letňák, and a screening of Trainspotting tomorrow (Friday, May 15) will mark the first official screening on the island in years. Nice choice of film, given the locale’s history.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Films will be screened each weekday at 21:00, and admission is 100 CZK; students, seniors, disabled persons and Prague 1 residents get a 20 CZK discount (free admission for kids).

For the full schedule, which also includes (free) live music on most nights from 18:00, check out Letňák’s official website. Upcoming films include Czech classics like Jak utopit Dr. Mráčka aneb Konec vodníků v Čechách and Jako jed alongside Hollywood hits such as Pulp Fiction and No Country for Old Men.

The small floating bar on the waterfront offers Gambrinus (35 CZK) and Pilsner (45 CZK) and also offers snacks like halušky, klobása, and grilovaný hermelín.

Full details can be found at Letňák’s website. You can reach the island from the Most Legií bridge between the National Theatre and Malá Strana.

Official website

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