People wearing face masks on Prague's Charles Bridge during the coronavirus pandemic via iStock / Madeleine_Steinbach

Survey: Half of Czechs to continue wearing face masks after requirement has ended

The mandatory requirement to wear a face mask in outdoor public spaces has ended, but 52% of Czechs said they would continue to wear one

As of Monday, May 25, the mandatory requirement to wear a face mask in outdoor public spaces has ended. Still, 52% of Czech residents polled said that they would be willing to voluntarily wear a face mask while in public spaces, according to a survey conducted by Median for Český rozhlas.

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Roughly the same number of Czechs surveyed – 51% – said that they felt the coronavirus crisis was not yet over, despite the continued easing of restrictions within the Czech Republic.

An additional 42% of Czechs said that they would continue to wear a mask in indoor locations such as offices, where the requirement has also been lifted.

“I think it’s quite important that 42% of people will wear a face mask indoors, if there is to be another [easing of restrictions], people will return to work, so it will be important that people will continue to protect each other,” Median’s Director Přemysl Čech told Český rozhlas.

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Wearing a face mask is still required at some locations in the Czech Republic, including indoor public areas such as shops and public transport.

Still, more than half of respondents indicated that they would continue wearing a mask on public transport after the restrictions are lifted, while two-thirds would continue wearing a mask at doctors offices and three-quarters would still wear a mask at retirement homes.

But after the requirement to wear a face mask outdoors has been lifted today, are Czechs still wearing them?

Based on an anecdotal survey of Prague streets this morning, ČTK estimates that about two-thirds of Praguers seen around Vítězné náměstí in Prague 6, Olšanské náměstí in Prague 3, and Italská street in Prague 2 were still wearing face masks this morning.

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Among those that weren’t wearing masks, most still had one at-the-ready around their necks, writes ČTK, with only a small number of people spotted without a mask whatsoever.

Similarly, anecdotal evidence from Pilsen, Olomouc, Ostrava, and Hradec Králové this morning showed that most people had continued to wear masks.

According to the Median survey, slightly less than half of respondents would be willing to take a vaccine for COVID-19 if one is eventually developed. Only 49% would accept the vaccine, according to the survey, while 43% would outright reject it.

Čech stated that he was surprised by these results, and expected more people to be willing to take the vaccine.

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