T-Mobile becomes first Czech operator to offer unlimited mobile data

But there’s a catch: unlimited data will only be available as a renewable monthly package through the end of summer

The cost of mobile data in the Czech Republic has long been criticized, and currently rates among the most expensive in Europe: at the moment, local tariffs can run twice as much, or more, than comparable ones in neighboring Poland.

Local operators don’t even offer mobile packages featuring unlimited data, which is commonly available to customers in many of the Czech Republic’s European neighbors.

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But that’s going to change – for a short period of time, at least – later this week, as Czech mobile operator T-Mobile has announced plans to offer an unlimited data package to all of its current customers starting on June 20.

The catch: it’s a summer-only offer, and will only be available until August 31. Current T-Mobile customers who have a tariff that includes mobile data will be able to obtain the new unlimited package in the form of a renewable offer that will expire after one month.

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While the offer of unlimited data is being promoted as “free” in local media reports, it’s unclear whether it be available to all customers who currently use a data tariff from T-Mobile, or if a fee will be charged to activate the unlimited data package. More information should become available within the coming days.

“We want to give our resident customers a carefree summer full of experiences where they can simply use much more data than they are used to,” Juraj Bóna, director of T-Mobile for the Czech Republic, stated in a press release.

“We have the best mobile network in the Czech Republic and we want our customers to enjoy it in the summer. We want to continue improving the mobile data market in the Czech Republic.”

The inspiration behind T-Mobile’s offer of unlimited summer data comes from increased travel activity during the summer months; due to new EU regulations that took effect last year, customers are no longer charged roaming fees while using data within the European Union.

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The new offer of unlimited summer data comes just weeks after T-Mobile unveiled new tariffs offering increased data limits for the same price points. Currently, Czech T-Mobile customers can choose from data packages running from 60 MB for 29 crowns to 10 GB for 599 crowns.

While Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš initially took credit for the offer of unlimited data after long negotiations with mobile operators, T-Mobile later Tweeted that the new package was not the result of any cooperation with the government.

More information about T-Mobile’s unlimited data offer for summer 2019 should become available at this page from June 20.

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