Take-a-senior-for-a-coffee (or beer!) project launches in Prague

Take-a-senior-for-a-coffee (or beer!) project launches in Prague

The grandmother is a beloved figure in Czech culture — anyone who has ever read the 19th-century Czech classic The Grandmother (Babička) by author Božena Němcová can attest to that.

A new initiative in Prague wants to strengthen intergenerational bonds by encouraging the younger generation to connect with the older one by taking them out to pub or cafe — the project is not limited by gender; grandpa can get it on the fun, too.

“Coffee with Grandma” (#kafesbabi) and Beer with Grandpa (#pivosdedou)” is supported by non-profit group Elpida within the framework of its Old’s Cool program which aims to help seniors become a more confident and respected part of today’s Czech society.

Like its Grandmother’s Socks and Adopt-a-Grandparent projects, #Kafisbabi connects the elderly with Prague’s younger denizens by establishing a network of participating cafes where one can take a grandparent or elderly friend and receive a special discount (in some cases up to 20 percent).

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The list, which includes local favorites such as, Roesel Beer & Cake and Mamacoffee is growing (see the full list here).

The movement is also gaining traction on social media where people are sharing heart-warming pics of their #kafesbabi or #pivosdedou.

Say the projects’ founders:Grandchildren should start having fun with their grandmothers and grandfathers and invite them to places where they would never see themselves.”

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See more on the project’s official website or follow @Kafesbabi on Instagram.

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Katrina Modrá

A long-time resident of Prague, Katrina Modrá has covered Czech culture, lifestyles, and news for both local and international publications for 15+ years.

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