Tap Dancers Mob Brno’s Main Square

Video: 100 tap dancers converged for a flash mob yesterday afternoon at Brno's náměstí Svobody

The International Step Festival Brno (Mezinárodní stepařský festival Brno) officially kicked off yesterday, beginning a week-long celebration of step dancing in the Moravian capital.

If you’re in Brno this week, be on the lookout for some step dancing in the streets organized by the festival in cooperation with Brno dance studio NO FEET. 

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On Sunday, April 24, Brno will host a “BIG SHOW in the style of Star Wars” at the city’s SONO Center.

Yesterday, a flash mob of around 100 step dancers converged at náměstí Svobody to kick off the celebrations. Video uploaded to social media captured the event:

More information about the festival can be found on their official website and Facebook page.

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