Ten Busiest Prague Tram Routes to Speed Up Service

Ten Busiest Prague Tram Routes to Speed Up Service

Prague Integrated Transport (ROPID) has announced that it will create new lanes and changes in traffic lights to help alleviate the lengthy delays that frequently occur at the city’s ten most problematic bus and tram routes.

Prague councillors approved a draft of the plan on Tuesday, according to iDnes.

A ROPID spokesperson says that surface transport will be improved by giving trams and busses priority at intersections, while there will be new dedicated lanes for busses. In some places busses will be moved to the tram rails.

“In many sections passability is not assured because the road is clogged by cars,” said ROPID public transport specialist Tomáš Prousek.

According to Prousek, the current driving time in total could be reduced by up to ten or more minutes. 

In some places the cycle of traffic lights will be changed to give trams or busses priority through the intersection.

“The first projects will be finished before the end of next year and the first modifications implemented on the basis of these first projects during 2018,” said Deputy Mayor of Transport Petr Dolínek.

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Routes that ROPID plans to accelerate:

Prosek – Vysočany – Libeň – Jarov
Malešice – Skalka – Zahradní Město
Petrovice – Háje – Chodovec – Jižní spojka – Smíchov
Spořilov – Bohdalec – Želivského
Dejvice – Střešovice – Břevnov – Vypich – Motol – Nové Butovice
Michle – Kačerov – Krč – Lhotka – Modřany – Vídeňská – Betáň
Výtoň – Palackého náměstí – Josefov
Hostivař – Hrdlořezy/Kyje
Evropská (Pražský okruh – Dejvická)
Strakonická (Sedlec – Dejvice)

Elizabeth Haas

Elizabeth Haas is the editor of Expats.cz. She has lived in Prague for 12 years working as a writer and editor of cookbooks and travel guides. Her work has appeared in both Czech and American publications.

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