The Czech Republic’s Longest Bus is Now Driving in Prague

The Czech Republic’s Longest Bus is Now Driving in Prague

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Prague’s public transportation authority DPP would begin trial operation of a new bus between Václav Havel Airport and Nádraží Veleslavín, the 119 route that currently services travellers to and from Prague’s main airport.

But the Van Hool AGG 300 is no ordinary bus: with three independent cabins that total a length of 25 meters, it’s the longest bus ever to drive in the Czech Republic.

It’s also among the biggest busses in the world, coming in at only 5 meters shorter than the Autotram Extra Grand, a 30-meter vehicle touted as the “world’s longest bus.”

Yesterday, the new behemoth officially went into trial operation, reports

“Initial impressions of the vehicle are impressive,” DPP spokesperson Jiří Štábl told the publication.

“The bus had no problems at bus stops or bus runway turn pads. Its length attracted the attention of passersby.”

The new bus comes with other amenities afforded to some of Prague’s other public transport vehicles, including wi-fi and air conditioning. 

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If the trial operation is successful, Prague may purchase several more of the vehicles from the Belgian manufacturer.

If you want to make sure you catch a ride on the longest bus in the Czech Republic, DPP uploaded its timetable on the 119 line to Twitter:

Photo: Twitter / DPP
Photo: Twitter / DPP

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