The Donald’s Former Czech Mother-in-Law Talks Trump

He may have split from his Czech wife, but Donald Trump’s ex mother-in-law still thinks “Donik” is the sweetest person in the world

Donald Trump, the current Republican front runner in the American presidential primaries and possibly the most controversial figure in US politics at the moment, has one very vocal Czech supporter.

Marie Zelníčková, 90, mother of the motor-mouthed mogul’s former wife Ivana Trump, has told the Czech women’s magazine OnaDnes that the Donald is still “a good friend” and she is “rooting for him in the elections.”

Trump was married to Ms. Zelníčková’s daughter Ivana Trump for 15 years from 1977-1992. Ms. Zelníčková, a Zlín-native, characterizes her ex son-in-law (whom she calls “Donik”) as “the kindest man in the world.”

The “active and vibrant lady” is currently planning her annual May trip to the States where she plans to visit her daughter and grandchildren and stay in “Don’s New York and Florida residences, enjoying the beautiful golf resorts and mansions he owns.”

Zelníčková has three grandchildren by her daughter and Trump: Donald Jr. (38), Ivanka (34), and Eric (32). Ivanka is due to give birth to her third child, Zelníčková’s eighth great grandson, any moment.

Despite the Trumps’ messy public divorce amid rumors that Donald was having an affair with actress Marla Maples (they married in 1993) Zelníčková told the publication, “He was always kind to me,” and that she supports his bid for the presidency.

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