The Incredible Shrinking Czech Chocolate Bar

Candy bars, bags of chips, and cans of beer have gotten noticeably lighter; prices have stayed the same

Does your Kit Kat Chunky feel a little slim? Maybe that bag of Bohemia Chips no longer satisfies the way it used to?

Czech consumer watchdog website recently released a list of food manufacturers that have sneakily shrunk their package weights despite the fact that prices have remained the same.

Companies like Unilever have defended their actions by saying that the move is good for customer waistlines (the majority of the items on the list are junk food and booze). Others have simply reduced the weight of their products on the sly.

The site encourages consumers to make their displeasure at having their favorite treats (no Studentská pečeť, just no!) downsized known by simply not buying these brands.

Did your favorite indulgence make the list?

  • 3bit – the chocolate biscuit years ago weighed in at 43 g; it’s now a 41 g goodie.

  • Bohemia Chips recently went from 85 g to 77 g (small) and from 160 g to 150 g (large).

  • Březňák – a can of Březňák as of summer 2016 is 400 ml, down from 500 ml.

  • Deli – a few years ago the XXL version of the chocolate bar was 53 g, now it’s 46 g.

  • Granko – in 2015 the cocoa package size decreased from 500 g to 450 g.

  • Heineken – bottled beer is now sold in 400 ml instead of the previous 500 ml.

  • Jacobs – 3-in-1 coffee recently went from 18 g to 15.2 g in 2016.

  • Kit Kat Chunky was originally a 50-g chocolate bar; today it weighs only 40 g!

  • Krusovice – in 2016 the manufacturer reduced the volume of beer cans from 500 ml to 400 ml and beer in plastic bottles from 1.5 liters to 1.44 liters.

  • Kastanky – during the past year weight decreased from 50 g to 45 g.

  • Magnum ice cream bar – in the summer of 2016, the volume of Double Chocolate, Caramel, and Peanut Butter decreased from 110 ml to 88 ml. Unilever says it was done to reduce the number of calories in these products.

  • Mars – in 2013 the chocolate bar with caramel and nougat was 62.5 g, today it weighs only 47 g.

  • Nescafé 3-in-1 – volume also decreased from 18 g to 16 g.

  • Orbit – once packed 50 pieces of gum into a container, now just 46.

  • Sládkova lemonade – in the summer of 2016, the can decreased from 500 ml to 400 ml.

  • Snickers – chocolate bar was once 58 g, now just 50 g.

  • Starobrno – beer cans since the summer of 2016 are 400 ml instead of 500 ml.

  • Studentská pečeť – recently reduced weight from 200 g to 180 g.

  • Tatranky – around 2012 weight decreased from 50 grams to 47 grams.

  • Tuzemák – in 2012, the manufacturer Božkov decreased alcohol percentage from 40% to 37.5%. This is the minimum percentage of alcohol required to indicate “Tuzemák”.

    Božkov in 2016 produced two variants flavored “rum” with a sailboat: Božkov original with 37.5% alcohol (black-brown label) and traditional Božkov 35% (black label).

  • Zlatopramen – beer cans and all flavors of Radler Zlatopramen since summer 2016 are sold in 400 ml down from 500 ml. For beer in PET bottles the volume decreased from 1.5 liters to 1.44 liters.

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