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The number of confirmed COVID-19 patients in the Czech Republic rose by 20 on Sunday, 8,475 in total

The number of COVID-19 cases rose by 20 to 8,475 in the Czech Republic on Sunday, the lowest increase in more than a week

Prague, May 18 (CTK) – The number of COVID-19 cases rose by 20 to 8,475 in the Czech Republic on Sunday, which is the lowest increase in more than a week, but the number of those currently ill rose for the fourth day in a row, data from the Czech Health Ministry shows.

Sunday’s 3,310 samples tested for coronavirus is the lowest number in the country since April 13. Out of them, 0.6 percent tested positive.

The number of recoveries on Sunday rose by one only, to 5,468, and the death toll by two to 298.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases stood at 8,480 this morning, which means that five new cases have appeared today.

A total of 166 COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalized in the Czech Republic.

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In recent days, the daily number of newly confirmed cases has been declining. On Sunday, it was the lowest in eight days, but the number of the tested samples sharply declined as well, to 3,310 from Tuesday’s 8,700.

The share of the new cases among all tested samples varied last week. On Tuesday, it was about 0.5 percent, on Thursday and Saturday it exceeded 1 percent, and it dropped to 0.6 percent on Sunday again.

The daily increase in the number of recoveries slowed down markedly during the weekend. There were dozens of recoveries on each of the previous days of last week, but only several on Saturday and Sunday each.

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In the past four days, the number of those currently ill with COVID-19 has been rising. It reached 2,709 on Sunday, which is over 100 more than on Wednesday, May 13.

Until Wednesday, the number was steadily falling from mid-April.

Out of the 14 regions, the number of cases registered so far is the highest in Prague, 1,964.

Prague also has the biggest share of the infection per overall population, some 151 patients per 100,000 inhabitants. In this respect, South Bohemia fares the best with 28 per 100,000.

The first coronavirus case was confirmed in Czechia on March 1, the first COVID-19 patient died three weeks later.

Regarding the favorable epidemiological situation, the government is gradually relaxing the anti-virus measures restricting people’s free movement, travel, assembly, businesses, culture, sport, school attendance, and other activities since mid-March. Another wave of restrictions lifting is scheduled for May 25.

Number of tested samples and newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in the past week:

Date: Number of tested samples (Number of newly confirmed cases of COVID-19)
May 11: 7,805 (53)
May 12: 8,709 (45)
May 13: 7,687 (48)
May 14: 6,887 (82)
May 15: 6,703 (55)
May 16: 4,240 (49)
May 17: 3,310 (20)

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