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The number of Czech coronavirus cases rose to 344 today

The Czech Republic has 344 coronavirus cases at the moment, 46 more than in the morning, and reported first three recovered patients today
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Prague, March 16 (CTK) – Czechia has had 344 coronavirus cases, 46 more than in the morning, and the COVID-19 disease of three patients is serious but stabilised, Health Minister Adam Vojtech said today.

The three serious patients are two male taxi drivers, whose case was reported earlier, and The 75-year-old woman was put on a ventilator due to breathing problems.

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The country reported first three COVID-19 patients that have recovered. All three are from Decin, north Bohemia, and they were among the first Czech coronavirus cases registered in the Czech Republic. The first cases appeared in the country on March 1 and one of them was a man from Decin.

The three people’s recovery has been proved by their two negative coronavirus tests within 48 hours, regional sanitary authority director Lenka Simunkova told CTK today.

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A total of 5,068 tests for coronavirus have been made so far.

New coronavirus has hit all 14 Czech regions. According to the morning data, the number of cases is the highest, over 100, in Prague, followed by the central Moravian Olomouc Region, where the sanitary authority sealed off over 20 towns and villages over the infection today.

Sanitary officials do not know where more than half of the COVID-19 patients (54 percent) got infected, and 29 percent got infected abroad and 17 percent in Czechia.

Like in other countries, the Czech Republic has introduced extraordinary measures and restrictions of common live and enterprises.

Free movement of people, except for going to work, to a doctor or own relatives and buying essential items, is banned nationwide from Sunday midnight until March 24.

Schools, restaurants and shops, with a few exceptions, have been closed. Companies, offices, courts, transport operators and hospitals have taken preventive measures.

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