Toy Store to Royals Opens In Prague Today

Considered the oldest in the world, British toy store Hamleys has come to the Czech capital

British toy store Hamleys is expected to open its 4,500-sq-meter Prague branch on Na Přikopě street today. It will be the largest toy store in Central Europe, the second largest on the Continent.

During the pre- and post-holiday seasons the store will open additional space to the public.

A wide assortment of toys not previously available on the Czech market will be offered alongside Czech classics like Igracek and Litte Mole. A massive Lego display, cinema for children, giant slides and other attractions will accompany some 10,000 toys.

A company spokesperson told the Czech press that the emphasis is on creative and interactive toys. 

The original Hamleys toy store in London was named after its founder William Hamley. It has been operating since 1760 and is largely considered the oldest toy store in the world. It is also the official supplier of toys to the British royal family.

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