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Trains coming to the Czech Republic from risky areas to be examined for coronavirus

The state wants to know about all trains coming from risky areas to the Czech Republic, Transport Minister Karel Havlíček told journalists today

Prague, March 4 (CTK) – The state wants to know about all the trains coming from risky areas to the Czech Republic, Transport Minister Karel Havlíček (for ANO) told journalists after the meeting of the National Security Council (BRS) discussing the novel coronavirus today.

A sufficient quantity of disinfectants should be in trains and at railway stations, Havlíček said.

“We will identify all the trains potentially arriving from risky areas. We will prepare certain measures at least on the disinfection level so that, similar to the passengers from the aircraft arriving from afflicted areas, the passengers from these trains, too, are identified,” Havlíček said.

“We should at least know how many of them come here,” he added.

“I have spoken with almost all organisations from the sphere of railway and public transport. I have calmed them down, having told them clearly that bus drivers and conductors do not have to use respirators or face masks at present. However, there should be a sufficient number of disinfectants,” Havlíček said.

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On Monday, the BRS decided to halt the Czech Republic’s air connection with South Korea and five airports in northern Italy. The ban will take effect on Thursday.

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Havlíček defended the decision today. “It is not true that the passengers can simply use different connections,” he said.

It is not easy to replace the simple connections from northern Italy since many airlines have started cancelling the flights. Some 90 percent of passengers from Italy use the aircraft to travel to the Czech Republic, Havlíček said.

On Monday, the Czech Airlines (CSA) stopped their lines to Milan and Bologna with immediate validity. The halt will last at least until April 6.

Last week, the CSA also halted its line to Seoul.

The RegioJet bus company said earlier it would not operate the bus lines from Prague to Rome and Milan until further notice.

So far, five cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported in the Czech Republic. In it, there have been no fatalities of the virus that has claimed over 3,000 lives worldwide.

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