Travel Agency Offers Prince Harry Free Stag Do In Prague

Travel Agency Offers Prince Harry Free Stag Do In Prague

The engagement of Prince Harry of Wales to American actress Meghan Markle has had all the tabs abuzz this week—bookies are already taking bets on where the world’s most famous bachelor will celebrate his last moments of freedom.

Betting company Paddy Power has revealed that Las Vegas is the current favorite to host the royal piss-up (12-1); Berlin is second (16/1) followed by Amsterdam (20/1), with Barcelona and Prague bringing up the rear.

The Stag Company, a UK-based travel agency specializing in stag dos has even designed “The Royal Stag” in the prince’s honor, saying that if Harry takes them up on their offer they’ll pick up the tab.

The excursion begins in London and includes a rugby game, gentleman’s afternoon tea in fancy dress, and then it’s off to Prague for a fake arrest, strippers, and a pub crawl:

While London is fine, it wouldn’t be a proper stag weekend without visiting one of Europe’s best party destinations. Prague is the most popular destination for stags and Harry will be jetting out to the Czech capital from London with his stag group.

Upon arrival Harry will meet the best prank possible for a Royal. A fake arrest will from [sic] Czech police on his journey from the airport. While he thinks he is being taken to the local police station he will actually be taken to the nearest strip club for the most stagy of stag traditions.

Meghan might want to put her fingers in her ears for this bit, because Harry and his mates will experience the right of passage that is a strip club. We will make sure that he sees only the best strippers in Prague, he is a Prince after all!

If Harry survives all of this he gets to the main event and a bar crawl to all the best bars and nightclubs that Prague has to offer. Prague is the best night out in Europe and so Prague is perfect for Harry to let his hair down and truly enjoy his last night of freedom while still within reach of his grandmother. We don’t want another Las Vegas incident!

We’re not so sure that high-profile Harry will opt for a company that offers their Prague-bound guests a dwarf hire but as they say, what happens in Prague, stays in Prague.

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Meanwhile, yet another stag travel company Last Night of Freedom has set up a “Harry Hub” in an effort to pitch the royal on their services:

If Harry chooses to host his stag do in an Eastern European country such as Budapest or Prague, we’d be happy to arrange a stag prank on the Groom-to-Be, such as a stag arrest or even a fake bungee jump.

The speculation over Harry’s last blast began this week after an unofficial viral Facebook group devoted to the event received confirmation from over 36,000 attendees.

In September Olympic runner Usain Bolt said he wanted to plan the prince’s stag do in his home country of Jamaica.

Publications everywhere are weighing in on possible destinations with the UK’s Daily Star voting for the Czech capital as well:

“Seeing as the Czechs drink the most beer per capita of any people on Earth, it would surely be a popular destination for the prince.”

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The couple plans to exchange vows this spring.

Elizabeth Haas

Elizabeth Haas is the editor of She has lived in Prague for 12 years working as a writer and editor of cookbooks and travel guides. Her work has appeared in both Czech and American publications.

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