Travel from Prague to Brno in 2.5 Minutes

New timelapse video from Czech Railways transports you between the major Czech cities within minutes

Last month, we wrote about an interesting new project from Czech Railways that puts YouTube viewers behind the driver’s seat of high-speed Czech trains. 

The resulting videos can be watched online, but you may not have 90 minutes to spend watching a train driver navigate the tracks.

Yesterday, Czech Railways gave viewers the opportunity to take a higher-speed journey: a timelapse video that condenses the hours-long ride from Prague to Brno into a matter of minutes.

Unlike previous uploads that focus on the conductor, this one points straight ahead on the rails, travelling from Praha hlavní nádraží to Brno hlavní nádraží, passing Český Brod, Pardubice, Svitavy, and a multitude of other cities along the way.

You can take the high-speed journey yourself below:

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