Try Flyboarding in Prague This Weekend

You’ve seen the videos, now you can ride a water-powered jetpack this weekend in the Czech capital

You’ve probably seen the videos of flyboard riders diving through waters like dolphins and shooting up to about ten meters in the sky.

It’s a jetpack/hoverboard device that uses water to propel riders into the air and through the water via a high-powered jet stream attached to their feet. Think Iron Man and you’re on the right track.

A few companies in the Czech Republic offer flyboarding experience packages at locations around the country, but this weekend you can try it yourself in the very center of Prague.

At Střelecký ostrov on Saturday & Sunday from 09:00 – 18:00, the company Flyboard Czech Connection will offer visitors the chance to fly above the Vltava during a special two-day excursion.

Price: 1500 CZK for 15 minutes of training by a qualified instructor (with instruction possible in English, Czech, or French) and 10 minutes of flight. All equipment (wetsuit, life jacket and helmet) will be provided, with changing areas and towels also available.

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More information can be found via the company’s Facebook page.

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