Two-Headed Tortoise Hatched in Moravia

Breeder Zbyněk Pokorný has raised the unusual creature since July

It sounds like an exotic exhibit at Ripley’s Believe it or Not, but it comes from the Czech Republic’s backyard: a Moravian breeder has hatched a two-headed tortoise, according to

Breeder Zbyněk Pokorný has been raising the creature, a Russian tortoise or Testudo horsfieldi, since it was born on July 18th.

Similar anomalies typically don’t survive long after birth, but this little guy seems defiant.

A 35-second video uploaded by Pokorný show both heads fully functioning as the farmer feeds it a leaf:

Two-headed tortoises aren’t especially uncommon in the area.

Magdalena, a two-headed tortoise born in Slovakia, became so popular that she was chosen to predict the winners of the ice hockey World Championship in 2011.

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Maybe it’s in the local ooze.

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