Unique Czech Scooter Wins International Design Award

The distinctive Yedoo Wolfer has won a 2016 Red Dot Award, one of the most prestigious awards for product design

You might have seen this striking scooter, which almost seems to take after a penny-farthing bicycle, zipping down the streets of Prague.

With the enlarged front wheel, the Yedoo Wolfer resembles scooters from the popular brand Kickbike. But its lightweight aluminium frame and aerodynamic design give it a competitive advantage. 

“The right geometry and aerodynamics, perfect frame with optimal toughness, plenty of room for the rider, low footboard, cutting-edge components,” states the official website.

And now, the Wolfer has received a major international design award.

More than 15,000 products and concepts from over 70 countries around the world are submitted for the annual Red Dot Awards, a design prize awarded each year by the German institution Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen since 1955. 

In 2016, the Czech company’s original scooter is one of the few products chosen for the distinction.

“The curved aluminium profiles lend this scooter elegance and dynamism,” read a statement by the jury. “Thanks to its sophisticated concept, it is furthermore highly durable.”

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Image: Yedoo.eu
Image: Yedoo.eu

Image: Yedoo.eu
Image: Yedoo.eu

More information about Yedoo’s Wolfer (which retails for just over 14,000 CZK) and the company’s range of other scooters is available from their official website and Facebook page.

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