US Ambassador: Czech-US Ties are Strong

Andrew Shapiro has emphasized that the election results will not change relations between the Czech Republic and the United States

In an interview with this morning, US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Andrew Shapiro stressed that the outcome of the election would not have an impact on US-Czech relations. 

The interview took place earlier this morning, shortly before the results of the election were officially known, but Donald Trump appeared to be the clear winner.

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“There are some differences in his politics, but I don’t think we should expect major changes,” the Ambassador was quoted.

“I can say with confidence that the relationship between the Czech Republic and the United States is very strong. Strong enough to withstand any arbitrary changes in policy.”

Shapiro has been the US Ambassador to the Czech Republic since August, 2014, when he was nominated to the position by US President Barack Obama.

He found himself in some hot water with Czech president Miloš Zeman last year after making public comments about Zeman’s visit to Moscow for a WWII commemoration.

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In a highly-publicized statement, Zeman then announced that the doors of Prague Castle were closed to the US Ambassador 

Shapiro still has at least two more months to serve as in Prague. Afterwards, Donald Trump could (and perhaps will) appoint a new US Ambassador to the Czech Republic after he assume office in January.

Here’s the full interview from (simultaneously translated into Czech):

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