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Video: Czech tourists in Bali slammed for using holy water to wash privates

A pair of fitness trainers in Indonesia have drawn sharp criticism after posting an Instagram video where the pair disrespect a Hindu shrine

Foreign tourists in Prague have garnered a negative reputation in recent years, especially given the recent rise of alcotourism in the Czech capital.

Last month, a pair of German tourists in Prague drew the ire of locals after spray painting historic centuries-old landmark Charles Bridge in an evolving saga that has yet to be fully resolved.

But what about the behavior of Czech tourists abroad? A few weeks ago, a trio of Czech hikers in the mountains of Slovakia gave the country a bad reputation after performing some needlessly dangerous maneuvers up a mountain ladder.

This month, a pair of Czech tourists in Bali, Indonesia have stirred controversy for disrespecting a holy shrine.

The controversy stems from video posted to Instagram by Sabina Doležalová and Zdeněk Slouka, who are both described as fitness trainers on social media.

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In the video, Doležalová and Slouka can be seen posing in front of a Balinese Hindu temple in Ubud before Doležalová hikes her skirt and Slouka splashes water from the holy shrine on her bottom.

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Unsurprisingly, the video hasn’t been well received by locals in Bali.

“Bali will drown if we can’t protect ourselves and be selective with the types of tourists that visit the island,” Balinese designer Niluh Djelantik commented in an Instagram post that re-shared the original video.

In a subsequent video, the pair offered an apology.

“We are so sorry about the video from yesterday, we dishonored the holy temple and holy water in Ubud, and we didn’t know it,” Slouka posted to Instagram.

In a conversation with Niluh on Instagram, the pair blamed their actions on ignorance, claiming that “because we are atheists it’s hard for us to recognize which place is [holy].”

The pair’s apology has also been criticized.

“Atheist does not mean you can disrespect others’ beliefs,” commented Instagrammer @_cunique.

“And Bali is known as Pulau Dewata [Island of the Gods], so Bali is holy. ‘Not knowing’ is not a valid excuse to disrespect a religion. This is frustrating.”

On Sunday, Doležalová and Slouka met with officials from the village in which the shrine is located. According to a joint public statement, the matter has been taken care of to the satisfaction of both parties.

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Turis Asing Diduga Melakukan Pelecehan di Tempat Suci Akhirnya Minta Maaf ============================================= Bertempat Kantor LPD Desa Adat Padangtegal, Kel/Kec. Ubud, Kab. Gianyar telah dilakukan pertemuan antara orang asing (OA) Keb. Checo an. IDENEK SLAVKA dan SABINA DOLEZALOVA yang diduga telah melakukan pelecehan terhadap tempat suci/Pura Beji di kawasan Obyek Wisata Monkey Forest Ubud dengan Prajuru Desa Adat Padang Tegal Ubud dan seluruh anggota Kerta Desa Padang Tegal. Minggu (11/8/19 ) pkl 23.00. wita Kejadian ini berawal dari viralnya di media sosial instagram (IG) yang diunggah oleh pemilik akun Sabina Dolezalova (@sabina_dolezalova_ifbb) dengan memperlihatkan video yang laki-laki mencipratkan air pancoran yang berada di Pura Beji Kawasan Monkey Forest Ubud kepantat pasangan prempuanya. Dalam pertemuan tersebut kedua orang asing (IDENEK SLAVKA dan SABINA DOLEZALOVA) yang diduga telah melakukan pelecehan tempat suci dikawasan Monkey Forest Ubud dihadapan seluruh Prajuru Adat Padangtegal telah menyampaikan permintaan maaf dan tidak ada maksud untuk melecehkan pura yang berada di Kawasan Monkey Forest Ubud tersebut karena dirinya tidak mengetahui/tidak tahu bahwa tempat tersebut merupakan tempat suci dan dirinya akan mengklarifikasi video yang sempat viral di medsos (IG) melalui perkataan permintaan maaf kepada Prajuru Adat Padangtegal dan seluruh masyarakat. Bendesa Adat Padangtegal I Made Gandra ST menyampaikan ” dengan adanya permintaan maaf oleh kedua orang asing (IDENEK SLAVKA dan SABINA DOLEZALOVA) yang diduga telah melakukan pelecehan terhadap tempat suci dikawasan Monkey Forest Ubud tersebut dengan secara lansung kepada semua masyarakat Padang Tegal Ubud bahwa Prajuru Adat Padangtegal maupun warga Padangtegal menerima permintaan maaf dari kedua orang asing tersebut dan dari pihak Desa adat Padangtegal tidak akan mempermasalahkan dimana permaslahan sudah dianggap selesai ” jelasnya ” Pada tanggal 15 Agustus 2019 pkl 12.00 wita Desa Adat Padangtegal akan melaksanakan upacara Guru Piduka yang di hadiri oleh para juru serta masyarakat dan pihak OA tersebut ” tambah Bendesa Adat Padang Tegal I Made Gandra ST. @infogianyar_ @punapibali

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Still, locals in Bali aren’t satisfied with the resolution.

“How convenient, a mere apology on Instagram and everything’s fixed,” Jerinx, drummer for the Balinese band Superman Is Dead, wrote on Instagram.

“See what happens if we do something similar in their country, the result will be different. Bali has been disrespected too often by tourists.”

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