The Suchá Belá canyon in Slovenský raj (illustrative photo)

Video: Czech tourists in Slovakia dangerously overtake others on mountain ladder

Three tourists in Slovakia’s Suchá Belá canyon, identified as Czechs, were filmed dangerously passing a queue on the side of a ladder earlier this week

Last week, we wrote about how the term ‘Czech tourist’ had recently become a idiom in Slovakia. Now, three Czech tourists in the Ore Mountains have lived up to the phrase.

In video posted to the Facebook group Turistika na Slovensku (Tourism in Slovakia) on July 23, three tourists identified as Czechs can be seen performing a dangerous maneuver up the side of a mountain ladder on the Suchá Belá canyon, putting themselves and others at risk.

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One of the most popular locations in Slovenský raj (Slovak Paradise) on the Ore Mountains, the Suchá Belá canyon includes a number of perilous-looking paths up the mountainside accessible only by ladder.

Apparently intent on skipping the queue of climbers going up the ladder, the three men decided to shimmy up the side of the ladder before giving up and rejoining the queue in the middle of ladder later on.

Posted by Andrea Beneová on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

“Today at Tiesňavou Suchá Belá,” writes Andrea Beneová, who posted the videos to the Tourists in Slovakia group. “Beautiful nature, amazing route.”

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“I do not know, we do not take such hikes and therefore a question. This probably isn’t normal, is it? Czech tourists have decided that they will not wait in line, they rushed up alongside people who had to move out of the way on the ladders.”

As the men move back onto the main ladder, they can be seen bumping others aside – – including a father carrying his young daughter on his back.

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Posted by Andrea Beneová on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

“When you watch the second video, they climb in front of a dad who was carrying a daughter on his back.”

The videos posted to Facebook on Tuesday have racked up more than two thousand shares and generated hundreds of comments, almost all of them highly critical of the tourists’ actions.

“This is no longer hiking. This is human stupidity,” writes one commenter.

Posted by Andrea Beneová on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

“Arrogant and irresponsible behavior,” says another.

“It was pure luck that nothing happened.”

Adding insult to injury, the Czechs were criticized for their attire as well.

“And of course .. Mountain equipment: sports sandals and sneakers,” Beneová added in the original post.

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