VIDEO: High Winds Lead to Near-Crash at Václav Havel Airport

A crosswind landing nearly led to disastrous results for a commercial flight in Prague on Tuesday afternoon

Weather in the Czech Republic has taken a sharp turn in the past week, resulting in rain, sleet, snow in the mountains, and high winds in some areas.

Those winds nearly led to a disastrous landing at Prague’s Václav Havel Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

In video captured by Instagram user @radinecz and widely shared across social media over yesterday, a commercial Air Horizont flight from Naples is shown attempting a dicey landing in Prague at around 16:30 on October 4.

Due to extreme crosswinds, the Boeing 737 is seen bowing back and forth as it nearly touches ground, only to pull back up at the last possible moment.

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On YouTube, the full video depicts the plane touching down on a successful second attempt. Kudos to the pilots for the quick recovery and safe landing.

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