VIDEO: Jožin z Bažin Gets Russian Reality TV Cover

The beloved Czech folk song was featured last week on the Russian version of Your Voice Sounds Familiar, complete with oddball visuals

Ivan Mládek’s swampy folk ballad Jožin z bažin might be one of the Czech Republic’s most famous tunes, not only for its catchy banjo beat but also its bizarre communist-era music video. 

Now, it has a Russian cover thanks to singer Lada Dance and Точь-в-точь, the Russian version of the popular reality TV show Your Voice Sounds Familiar.

After debuting in Spain in 2011, versions of Your Face Sounds Familiar aired in both the UK and USA, along with dozens of other countries across the world. The concept features local celebrities covering famous songs, in full costume as the original musicians. 

The show has been particularly successful in the Czech Republic since debuting earlier this year as Tvoje tvář má známý hlas, though it has also stirred some minor controversy for its use of blackface.

In Russia, the reality show is now in its fourth season. Last week, female jazz singer Lada Dance delivered her take on Ivan Mládek, complete with oversized bowtie and banjo band accompaniment:

The performance not only won over the in-studio audience, but also waves of Czech viewers when broadcast earlier this week on TV Nova.

Here’s the original for comparison:

This isn’t the first time Jožin z bažin has been featured on a version of Your Voice Sounds Familiar. Just a few weeks ago, a cover appeared on the Czech version of the show, with Miroslav Etzler as Mládek.

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