Video: Llama Drama on Prague Streets

A trio of animals managed to escape from a local circus earlier this morning

It wasn’t a crank call: a llama, a pony, and a donkey managed to escape from a local circus in Prague 8 earlier today, long enough for passers-by to grab some photos and video. 

Týdeník Policie posted photos of the animals roaming Prague streets this morning. According to their Facebook page, the animals were safely rounded up by circus employees in the Bohnice district at 10:00 without incident. 

Later, Týdeník Policie uploaded video of the llama at an intersection submitted by one of their readers. The animal is seen grazing on some grass while pedestrians walk by and cars drive pass. 

Ještě video z “Lamy na útěku” v pražských Bohnicích 🙂 Od čtenáře – díky 🙂

Posted by Týdeník Policie on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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