VIDEO: Prague Man Heads to Supermarket Wearing Only His Shoes

In typical Czech fashion, passerby seem completely unfazed by the determined nudist in their midst

A Prague 4 man went out for groceries au naturel Tuesday morning and we aren’t talking about a trip to the organic food store, people.

Wearing nothing but a non-strategically-placed messenger bag and shoes, the man’s attempt to do some shopping sans clothing was captured on security footage—the video was first obtained by iDnes—which shows him purposefully strolling through the Prague district of Krč for a time before heading into a Lidl supermarket.

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Police officers arrived on the scene almost immediately, instructing the individual to get dressed. The bag reportedly contained the man’s clothes.

According to police reports, the unidentified 27-year-old explained to law enforcement officials that it is completely normal to be naked and that, on the contrary, people who wear clothes are weird.

A breathalyzer showed 1.85 per mille of alcohol in the man’s system. He was taken away via ambulance to sober up and see a psychiatrist as, according to a police spokesperson, he seemed “out of touch with reality.”

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What’s possibly the most shocking thing about the entire incident is that passerby barely give him a second glance as he makes his way down the street, through a car park, and into the store.

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Seems like that amazing Czech we-don’t-give-a-damn attitude was on full display that day, along with the family jewels.

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