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Video: Prague Police seek ‘Pistachio Phantom’ haunting Žižkov

An estimated 30 kilograms of pistachios have been stolen from Prague 3 supermarkets, and police are looking for answers

Prague Police have turned to members of the public for assistance in identifying a young man in a flat cap who has been stealing large quantities of pistachios from Prague 3 supermarkets over recent weeks.

An estimated 30 kilograms of the nuts have been stolen from two Prague 3 supermarkets, with the thief caught on camera making off with entire boxes of pistachios.

“In connection with this case, police officers secured camera recordings of both incidents, which show the pistachio phantom committing the theft,” police spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová told local media.

Today, Prague police released video of the incidents in the hopes that members of the public might identify the suspect:

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The stolen pistachios, totaling 30 kilograms, have an estimated value of 12,000 crowns.

The man is suspected of robbery, which carries a sentence of up to two years if convicted.

If you recognize the individual in the video, please notify police by calling 158.

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