VIDEO: Real-life Iron Man flies above Prague
via YouTube / Jan Řežáb

VIDEO: Real-life Iron Man flies above Prague

It wasn’t a stunt to promote the latest Avengers movie, due out in cinemas later this month, but a real-life Iron Man flew over Prague’s Vltava river yesterday afternoon.

British inventor Richard Browning was the man in the suit, and he was showcasing his Daedalus project: an Iron Man-like suit propelled by miniature jets that allows the wearer to move freely in any direction, at speeds of up to 360 kilometers per hour.

On Tuesday afternoon, Browning used the Daedalus suit to take off from Slovanský ostrov in Prague for a short ride above the Vltava river, where he soared under Most Legií (Legion Bridge) and scattered some ducks.

Browning has undertaken similar flights over the world, including throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game in Tokyo last year.

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But not all flights go off without a hitch. During the Prague flight, Browning landed early because of a problem with his display.

“Because of a badly placed camera on my helmet, I did not see the display in my rear view. I didn’t see how much fuel I had, so I landed,” the inventor stated to journalists after the flight.

Czech entrepreneur Jan Řežáb captured video of Browning’s flight over the Vltava from Prague’s Žofín Garden:

Still, Browning had fun in Prague, and considered the flight a success.

“Every event where I don’t end up swimming, or just falling down, or have problems starting, is a good event,” he said.

Browning is currently in Prague as a guest of the SingularityU Czech Summit 2019.

If you’d like to purchase your own Iron Man suit, UK department store Selfridges retails them for £340,000 (roughly 10.3 million crowns).

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