Hold the Pho! Vietnamese Market Cited Once Again

A handful of Sapa restaurants were closed down last week due to hygiene violations

Love spending a Saturday at the Sapa Asian market, picking through pleather handbags and cheap sunglasses, followed by a steaming bowl of pho? If you answered yes you may want to rethink your weekend activity of choice.

The as-of-late-beleaguered Vietnamese market, located in Prague’s Libuš district, has recently been in the news for various crimes against hygiene.

Last week the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority shut down Pho Quan, Hahn Pham Thi, and Dong Do for hygiene “shortcomings” that included dirt, dust, and lack of access to hot water.

Rodent droppings were found at Dong Do while Pho Quan employees began spraying for pests, during the inspection, near the food preparation area.

Another troubling incident occured last Wednesday when the State Veterinary Administration arrested a vehicle transporting 170 kg of meat, offal, blood, and meat products bound for Sapa.

The driver had had no evidence of the origin of the meat which the inspector noted had a measured temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, 3 degrees being the desired temp for pork products.

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Prior to these offenses, a contraband batch of tofu, headed for what locals fondly refer to as Little Hanoi, was discovered by sanitation officials.

Restaurant Hanh Pham thi (Photo: SZPI)
Restaurant Hanh Pham thi (Photo: SZPI)

Restaurant Pho quan (Photo: SZPI)
Restaurant Pho quan (Photo: SZPI)

Meat bound for Sapa (Photo: Státní veterinární správa)
Meat bound for Sapa (Photo: Státní veterinární správa)

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