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Visits to Czech hospitals and retirement homes can resume from May 25

Visits to hospitals and retirement homes in the Czech Republic will be permitted again as of May 25

Prague, May 15 (CTK) – Visits to hospitals and retirement homes in the Czech Republic will be permitted again as of May 25, with the exception of quarantined people, the Health Ministry told journalists today.

A maximum of two adult people whose temperature will be measured will be able to make a visit.

The ban on the visits was imposed over the risk of the COVID-19 infection in health and social care facilities.

“It will be also good for the psychological comfort of the clients of the facilities,” Health Minister Adam Vojtěch (for ANO) said.

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When coming, the visitors will be asked whether they have any symptoms of COVID-19. Their temperature will be measured. If it is over 37 degrees Celsius, their visit will not be permitted.

The visitors must wear face masks and disinfect their hands. If possible, the visits should take place outdoors or in special rooms. In rooms with multiple beds, visitors are to be separated by a screen or similar barrier from other patients.

The rules have a milder and a stricter form, to be introduced depending on the development of the epidemic. The latter sets down only one visit per client of the institutes, with a two-meter  distance.

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The novel coronavirus infection has appeared in dozens of homes for elderly and long-term ill and similar facilities. Clients and personnel, often dozens of people, have been infected by the virus.

For fear of infection, some employees were isolated and did not go home to their families for weeks.

The ill clients who did not need medical care were staying in the quarantined areas, for which one-tenth of the capacity and special staff had to be reserved.

Employees must undergo mandatory COVID-19 tests.

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