How Many Foreigners Live in Prague? And Where?

A new map shows the number, nationality, and location of foreigners in the Czech capital

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park
Published on 30.09.2015 17:20 (updated on 30.09.2015)

How many foreigners live in the Czech Republic?

Do most English-speaking foreigners really reside in Vinohrady?

Over at, we run into questions like this all the time. Precise figures aren’t always easy to come by.

A new project, however, might have some pretty good answers.

Česko v datech (Czech Republic in Data) has just released a new set of numbers that reveals exactly how many (registered) foreigners are living in Prague, which countries they come from, and which districts they live in.

According to the report, there are nearly 460,000 registered foreigners living in the Czech Republic, with 166,000 residing Prague. Who are they, and where exactly do they live?

Ukrainians make the highest percentage of foreigners in Prague, at 27.4%; Slovaks (15.7%), Russians (12.7%), Vietnamese (6.8%) come in next.

According to the map, the highest concentration of Ukranians (10.2%) lives in Prague 4; Slovaks (10.1%) and Vietnamese (14.1%) also seem to favor the district, while 11.1% of Russians live in Prague 13.

What about native English-speaking foreigners?

There are 3,907 registered US citizens living in Prague. The highest concentration of them (16.48%) resides in Prague 2. UK citizens? 3,284, with about 15% living in Prague 2.

Visit the website of Česko v datech for the full report, along with an interactive map that shows which Prague districts foreigners reside in. 

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