Will Trams Return to Wenceslas Square?

Prague’s Institute of Planning and Development has proposed two options for re-integrating tram lines with the city’s historic thoroughfare

Forty years ago, the sight of trams riding up and down Wenceslas Square was a common occurrence.

Today, their only remnant is the Café Tramvaj, a stationary carriage that rests on what remains of the old tracks in the middle of the Square.

But as Wenceslas Square prepares to undergo some major renovations in the near future, plans are in the works to re-integrate the tram lines into the upper half of the square.

How and when that might take effect is yet to be confirmed, but Prague’s Institute of Planning and Development has offered the city two options for bringing the trams back, reports Blesk.

Both options would see a line running though the upper half of Wenceslas Square, connecting with the current lines that run down Jindřišská and Vodičkova streets through the middle of the Square.

The problem is what to do with the tram line when it reaches the top of the square, where Prague’s main highway, Wilsonova, cuts through the city.

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One option, and perhaps the preferred one, would see the tram line continue through the top of the Square and into a track alongside those at Prague’s main train station, connecting to lines in Zizkov. This would result in the least disturbance to the surrounding area, but would also require somehow getting the line across Wilsonova.

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The second option would see the tramway turn down Opletalova street, passing in front of the train station and connecting with additional lines at its tram stop. 

The city is expected to choose one of the options shortly in order for the project to move forward.

“For me it is a key project, and within a few weeks we will choose the final version,” commented Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek.

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