World’s first live-nude gallery opens on Prague’s Wenceslas Square
Photo via Facebook / @voayergallery

World’s first live-nude gallery opens on Prague’s Wenceslas Square

Spring 2017 saw the opening of the VOAYER in Prague, an exhibit featuring live nude models in steamy S&M poses.

The exhibition was a success with attendance reaching 1,500 visitors. Additional expositions took place in 2018 at the Dancing House Gallery, followed by an exhibit of naked men later that year.

Now VOAYER organizers have opened a permanent space, supposedly the first gallery in the world, where gallery goers can see, touch and photograph real-life nudes on a daily basis.

Male and female models are featured; visitors are required to wear rubber gloves. Only visitors over 18 are allowed and each visit comes with a time limit of 1.5 hours.

Photo via Facebook / @voayergallery

According to organizer Mário Petreje, the experience is meant to bring people closer to the community of less common sexual practices, while showcasing the beauty of the human body and sexual experience.

“Nudity is nowadays more common in the online world than in reality. Just like sex, we experience the nudity of other beings in the full present moment. Therefore the only and also important goal of the VOAYER expositions, is to convey an exciting experience of the present moment.”

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VOAYER Gallery opened on the fourth floor of Dum Mody on Wenceslas Square last week. Closed on Mondays, it is open daily from 11:30-21:30. For more details visit

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