Youtube’s Czech manager to start TV revolution

Google plans to change the way people watch TV

, Youtube’s Czech manager to start TV revolution, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic, Latest News & Articles - Prague and the Czech Republic

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Google plans to use YouTube to change the way people watch TV. And Czech-born Robert Kyncl, Google’s vice president for the global reach of YouTube, is going to play a key role in this mission.

Kyncl presented his vision at the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) fair in Las Vegas, USA.

In the contemporary IT world, Kyncl is without doubt the most important Czech. In Google’s hierarchy, he answers directly to CEO of YouTube Salar Kamangar. Kyncl left his native country for the USA shortly after the 1989 revolution.

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Now he is in charge of the project whose aim is to turn YouTube into a professional TV with a global reach. Kyncl explained that his mission is nothing less than to end the traditional television as we know it. He is going to use his Hollywood contacts, the fruit of his former work at HBO and Netflix.
According to Kyncl, the traditional TV broadcasting has a number of weaknesses: its viewership is limited, it is constrained by the 24-hour time frame and it provides the broadcasters with only minimal information about the viewers.

YouTube, on the contrary, approaches the global viewership, its time frame is technically unlimited and it provides the authors of the broadcast content with a large amount of information immediately and for free.

In addition, the traditional TV needs to attract the attention of the largest possible group of viewers, which means it tailors its content to the majority. YouTube, on the other hand, appeals to hundreds of millions of viewers through its highly specialized channels that would not have any chance of succeeding in the traditional TV broadcasting model.

“Hundreds of thousands of people in the USA practice yoga daily and are interested in everything related to yoga. So far, they have had no possibility of having their own TV channel. This year, they will get it,” said Kyncl in his speech.

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