Zeman Super Fan Boasts 4,222 Photos of Czech President

What does this self-proclaimed “biggest fan” see in president Miloš Zeman? In his own words: everything

Czech president Miloš Zeman recently celebrated three years in office with a soiree at Prague Castle. And yet his most steadfast supporter didn’t get an invitation.

That hasn’t stopped 21-year-old Pavel Kočiš from adding to the massive collection of photos currently adorning every surface of his bedroom.

Photo: Pavel Kočiš / Facebook
Photo: Pavel Kočiš / Facebook

As first reported by Lidovky this weekend, the Central Osnice resident posted on Facebook through the weekend that his shrine had reached 4,222 pictures:

“On the wall of my room at the moment are 4,222 pictures of Zeman…I’m getting closer to the words of Mr. President when he said that at the end of his term there will be 5,000 pictures of him. But I can say…there will be more.”

Photo: Pavel Kočiš / Facebook
Photo: Pavel Kočiš / Facebook

Mr. Kočiš, who has met the president in person twice, frequently sends him original oil paintings, Davidoff cigarettes, jars of pickles, advent wreaths, and other gifts. He even applied for a job as a Prague Castle gardener but was turned down.

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And yet he continues to clip photos from newspapers or print images from the internet. His room, a mini-museum to Zeman, also features a 3D of model of Prague Castle and other Zeman-related memorabilia including detailed election notes.

Photo: Pavel Kočiš / Facebook
Photo: Pavel Kočiš / Facebook

When asked by Lidovky what he likes about Zeman Mr. Kočiš said, “Everything. Everything that he says, how he says it, and also that he can make jokes.”

At the moment Mr. Kočiš is preparing for his next encounter with the president; if all goes well he will meet his idol for the third time this April.

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