Zoo Liberec Welcomes White Tiger Cubs

The Zoo recently published the first photos of a litter of tiger cubs born in late February

Prague Zoo recently welcomed a baby elephant into the world – the first elephant conceived and born at the Zoo in its history.

Not to be outdone, Zoo Liberec recently shared photos of a pair of white tiger cubs born at the zoo in late February.

The photos were the first shots captured of the young cubs, taken during a brief moment before their mother, Surya, took them back into their birthing box.

Mom, apparently, wasn’t too happy with the photographer, as seen by the final photo below.

Zoo Liberec Welcomes White Tiger Cubs

Zoo Liberec Welcomes White Tiger Cubs

Photos: Facebook / Zoo Liberec
Photos: Facebook / Zoo Liberec

As the cubs should be ready for further exposure in the coming weeks, the Zoo promises more photography to come soon.

Here’s video of one of the cubs taking its first steps: 

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